Mid-Week Service

Join us for TBS ("The Bible Says"); an interactive service whee scriptural based responses are given to various life questions. You can't afford to miss it.

Every Wednesday.
Mid Week Service.

Community Impact Meeting

Ministries, calling, talents and a host of other things are discovered and developed at our small group meetings. Join us this evening at our community impact centre (House fellowships) @ 5pm at any of our various centres. Check out the closest to you @ www.gharvestbodija.org, or download our app and click on CIC.

Every Sunday.

Pray With PJ.

Thank you for being part of PRAY WITH PJ, a 15mins prayer and prophetic encounter with Pst Jude. Don’t forget it airs Mondays to Fridays 6:45am to 7am. Use the radio on the app or on www.ghcbodijaradio.org to be part of it

Every Week Day

Show an act of love and be a blessing with your seed (in cash or in kind) and put a smile on someone's face. A member of the Samaritan care ministry will be waiting for you at the information desk after the service to receive your gift and/or items.

Send in your good report (testimonies). You can send a mail to info@gharvestbodija.org, visit our website on www.gharvestbodija.org and click on MY GOOD REPORT. We overcame by the blood of the lamp and by the words of our testimonies. Don’t keep that good report to yourself, see any of the associate pastors or send us a mail via info@gharvestbodija.org God is working!

Connect with us on our social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Mixlr all @ghcbodija.
Don’t forget to invite someone to be part of what God is doing here, to discover and accomplish their God-given purpose through Everyday life transforming experiences with Christ.