At Global Harvest

We believe that God has shaped every one of us to make a difference for His Kingdom. At Global Harvest, we have many opportunities for you to find your niche and give you a chance to get involved in the life of the church.


o   Junior Church

Because the future of the church is of paramount importance to us, we have put in place the following segments to ensure that the younger generation gets the undiluted word of God in a mode that is easily absorbable for them. This is called the Junior Church and it is delineated into:

o   Teens Church: That range of age where one is not a child and yet is not an adult either can prove to be a challenging one; it is a period where young adults experience a lot of changes within a short span of time. It is therefore expedient that we are there for them every step of the way, helping them to understand the changes, discover themselves and learn more of God’s unconditional love through their formative years. The Teens Church is dedicated to providing this help through God’s Word which is relevant for every season of life and through practical life examples around us.

o   Pre-Teens: As malleable as the clay, so are these; this sub-segment of the Junior Church is made up of children who have just outgrown babyhood. At the Pre-Teens church, we understand their minds are very impressionable and we do the best that we can as God continually enables us to fill their minds with the goodness of God and the sincere milk of God’s word.

o   Pre Schoolers: Here are our babies who are still very unaware of the world, therefore we ensure that we are there to care for them and nurture them as they grow and develop the stamina and foundation for a beautiful childhood.

And here is some more good news, admission is always free and open!


o   Intercessory: Take heed, watch and pray; for you know do not when the time is (Mark 13:33); this is a command from Jesus Christ Himself and while it is directed to every believer in the household of faith, there is a unit that runs with this command as a mandate. They have taken it up as a responsibility and continually stand in gap for the members, the pastorate, the programs as well as the church as a whole.

Here in the Intercessory unit, members are groomed in the art of warring with the common enemy – Satan, and this is done using the word of God as a weapon. The promised and assured victory on the Cross gives us a divine advantage and places us on a higher pedestal over principalities, powers and wickedness in high places. It is no wonder therefore, that we are working and walking daily in continuous victory.


o   Publication: We are aware of the importance of information and realise that it goes a long way in equipping the household of faith. We also know that to grow at an equivalent pace, we all need to feed on good knowledge; this is why the Publication Unit has seized every medium for communication to, information-wise, sanitize and sensitize the church as well as friends of the church.

Also, this unit takes care of informing the fold about upcoming programs, releasing timely messages and tactfully recycling previous messages for the spiritual growth of the household.


o   Global Harvest Institute: As we mature as Christians, our intake of God’s word also changes to suit our new and stronger needs. The Global Harvest Institute sees to it that beyond the weekly sermons and teachings, members are groomed into the full stature of Christ that we ought to attain.

The Institute is a school where heavenly knowledge is passionately taught by devout teachers who are committed to the growth of the students. To become a certified member of the church, it is compulsory to pass through this school.

The duration of these classes have been modified to ensure that students complete their diet within a shorter time; however, this does not compromise the quality of teachings being doled out.

In this school, there are four levels and they include Membership, Maturity, Ministry and Mission.