At Global Harvest

We believe that God has shaped every one of us to make a difference for His Kingdom. At Global Harvest, we have many opportunities for you to find your niche and give you a chance to get involved in the life of the church.


o   Rendezvous: This is a fellowship where young, vivacious and unmarried men and women meet to exhort one another and discuss current and relevant matters that pertain to people within this description. The aim of this fellowship is to raise one another and to relate with one another so that each one knows that they are not alone in their struggles and that their challenges are not peculiar to them alone.

Seminars, symposiums and other programs are usually organised to achieve the aim above and the different social media platforms are engaged to channel efforts to achieve this goal.

Rendezvous is open to all who fall within the bracket of its description; in essence therefore, participation in the programs is free.


o   Samaritan Care: In simple terms, the Samaritan Care has to do with the church meeting the church’s needs. Here, needs of members are met through the willful and generous donations from other members of the church. This can be in form of cash or other material things which are still in good condition. To benefit, all one needs to do is to approach the Samaritan Care and make one’s need known.

Members who are willing to make donations or join the unit can also approach the head or any other member of the unit to do so.


o   Couples Connect: Here is another fellowship that holds dearly the distinct needs of Christian couples. It is an opportunity to learn how to be the best spouse one can be through precepts and principles that are latent in the Holy Scriptures.

There are organised events to round up couples and help them learn from Christian and older couples who are more experienced and have the wisdom of God. The content of these teachings ranges from spiritual to even the most mundane but necessary subjects. As always, the aim is to help couples glorify God through their relationships with their spouses and to empower them to raise a godly generation for God’s use.


o   Human Resource: “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers (III Jn 1:2).” In alliance with this verse of Scripture, it is the desire of Global Harvest Church, Bodija to see her members flourish, not only spiritually, but also in their secular lives and jobs. This unit has therefore been set up to see to the employment status of members, with special emphasis on the youths. To this end, educative seminars are occasionally organized to equip job seekers to become better in their job-seeking approaches and to empower those that are called to be entrepreneurs.