At Global Harvest

We believe that God has shaped every one of us to make a difference for His Kingdom. At Global Harvest, we have many opportunities for you to find your niche and give you a chance to get involved in the life of the church.


o   Pastoral Care: Those who labor over us spiritually ought to be tended also; this is what the Pastoral Care unit is dedicated to – preempting, asking and tending the needs of our pastors so as to help them to serve and lead us better.

o   Traffic/Security: We are not ignorant of the devices of the enemy; it is not too much to protect one’s properties against theft or damage. The Traffic and Security department helps to safeguard members’ properties and to direct and organise traffic, especially during full services. Bro Okonkwo heads this unit and membership is open to any interested member of the church.

o   Media

o   Ushering: The core tasks of this unit are to make sure that the church is ready for service and that people are welcomed warmly as they arrive the church auditorium. Worship aids such as tithe, offering and thanksgiving envelopes, bulletins and so on are handed to worshipers in the house who are then directed to their seats.

While the service is ongoing, this unit is attentive to the needs of the service as well as that of members. When the service is over, the congregation is sent on its way with a friendly invitation to return.

Anyone who wants to join the Ushering unit has to have completed the membership class of the Global Harvest Institute. Such person must have also participated in the workers-in-training program organised for intending workers.

o   Sanctuary Keepers: These are the people in charge of tending the physical environment of the church; their responsibilities are mainly to keep the church tidy, clean and in good shape, especially in preparation of a church program.


The unit is also dedicated to making members of the church as comfortable with the facilities as possible.


o   Meeters and Greeters: The vision of this unit is to provide excellent, proficient and hospitable support for church services. It creates a friendly atmosphere where individual’s needs could be met. This includes welcoming members into every service and also providing information needed by them where necessary.


Global Harvest information desk functions as a first line of support with regard to the church information and respective church activities.